Our achitects have knowledge and experience in designing architecture. We elaborate multi-discipline projects, construction projects, projects for tenders, executive design concerning: hotels, interiors, office buildings, apartment buildings, family houses, industrial buildings, residence, modernization of monuments, restaurants and gardens. While creating and designing we also keep in mind the realization.


Nowadays, our projects are built by our workers. Our projects include finishing, modernization and adaptation. Whenever we start working on a project, we immediately start to consult it with our client and with our contractor. It helps to choose proper finishing materials, precising the time needed for the project and most improtant, it help to elaborate the budget. Another adantage is our constant supervision ovner the construction and finishing works. Our client is certain that we will properly manage the project and that we will fulfill all our obligations. We work with professionals from different fields: decoration, bircklaying, plasterboard, dry plaster, painting, flooring work, plumbers, electrics, flooring work, plumbers, electrics, installations, laying the mosaics, gardening, carpenter service and many others.


Our team makes your concept become reality. Our knowledge and experience help us to avoid mistakes and errors thet are quite common while decorating interiors. We help you choose proper materials, furniture and decorations. At our client’s request we hand in a material book where all the used elements are listed. We are willing to help with the purchase and delivery to the client.