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All projects can be carried out by our construction team. We carry out projects regarding interior finishing, modernization and adaptation. Already at the concept development stage, the consultation process with the client and our construction team takes place. This allows for proper selection of finishing materials, determining the time needed to complete the design assumption and, most importantly, estimating the cost estimate. Thanks to our own experienced team, we are able to offer constant supervision over construction and finishing works. Investment supervision may be exercised in various forms. It depends on the individual needs of the client and the form of cooperation. The client gains confidence that the executive team will cope with the project and do their work reliably, as intended. We have specialists in many areas: interior finishing, masonry, plastering, dry plaster, painting, parquet, electrical, plumbing, installation, tiling, stonemasonry, gardening, carpentry and other services. Are you interested in the cooperation offer and price list? Feel free to contact us!

Dariusz Białek


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